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Zeinab El-Seginy

Zeinab El-Seginy

Born in Cairo, Al Sageny graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in 1956. Later she earned her PHD in Art Education from Helwan University, in 1978.

Al Sageny’s Art is unique, revealing subjects of humane nature. Mother and child represent the main elements in Al Sageny’s art. They play a main role in expressing feelings of innocence, love and generosity. The setting is Egypt: the Nile, the mountains, the beach; In fact, Al Sageny’s ancestral culture, with the inherited roots, emphasize her Egyptian identity.

Al Sageny describes her work, as” an intermixture of a spiritual nature drawing its source from the Coptic icons, with its adoration and reverence, alongside the wonders of the Islamic miniatures…”

  • Professor of Design, Faculty of Art Education, Helwan University, Cairo.
  • Ex Chairman of the Design Department at Helwan University.
  • Born in Cairo, 1930.
  • 1956 Graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Cairo.
  • 1957 Diploma of Art Education, Faculty of Art Education.
  • 1978 Ph. D. in Art Education, Design, Helwan University.
  • Awarded many prizes in the fields of the painting and advertising.
  • Held eight private exhibitions in Cairo & Alexandria.
  • 1960 Museum of the Modern Art, Cairo.
  • 1961 Alexandria atelier.
  • 1963 Museum of the Modern Art, Cairo.
  • 1973 Cairo atelier.
  • 1978 Faculty of Art Education Gallery.
  • 1979 Exhibition at Mrs Anita’s Gallery House, Cairo.
  • 1994 Extra Gallery.
  • 1997 Khan El Maghraby Gallery.
  • 2001 Egyptian Academy in Rome.
  • 2002 Zamalek Art Gallery.
  • Since 1957, participated in most group exhibition held in Cairo and in some Egyptian Art Exhibition held abroad.
  • Selected Museum Collection:
  • Museum of Egyptian Modern Art, Cairo.
  • Museum of Egyptian Modern Art, Menia.
  • Museum of Egyptian Modern Art, Alexandria.
  • Al Ahram Collection Cairo.
  • Private Collection in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait & Many other Countries.


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