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Abd El-Rahman El-Nachar
Zeinab El-Seginy
The Museum Building
Designed by : Arch. Eman El-Nachar
Construction Design : Dr. Walid El-Kafrawy
Design Concept
The design concept of the museum confirms the architect believe that architecture should reflect the integration between user's dreams, needs, ambitions, and the natural context. In this, respect, the museum design is a result of close collaboration efforts among Nachar’s family.
It reflects the idea that the building should express spiritual unity addressed in Nachar and Seginy artwork and in their family life as well.

Meanwhile, considering the main role of the building for accommodating distinctive artwork, and as a cultural and Educational Environment, design is employed to express feelings of curiosity, ambiguity, I excitement, availability, and accessibility.

Thus, the concept of barrier free environment is adopted to motivate visitors to explore, to engage independently through the museum activities, and spaces.

Prof. Dr. Ashraf Salama
Major Influential factors in design
To allow daylight in exhibition spaces, skylight voids are employed.
Integration with nature
• in respect to allowing harmony with nature, all the existing palm trees have been preserved and adopted for the landscape design.
• Natural material such as rocks and wood are employed in interior spaces & landscape design.
Inspiration by artists work
Several motifs patterns and values in artists work are work in organizing forms and spaces, and in some architectural details such as (furfurge, stained glass).
A three Level Building:
Entrance level (intermediate)
Nachar Exhibition area (upper)
Zeinab Exhibition area (lower)
50 m sq
190 m sq
90 m sq
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