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Abd El-Rahman El-Nachar
Zeinab El-Seginy
Abd El-Rahman El-Nachar

Nachar's work is characterized by harmony, coherence, and a strong emphasis on cultural dentity, signifying one matchless God, which produces spiritual forces that express an interaction of meanings. His work evokes various contradicting values and dramatic conflicts between opposites such as the organic and the geometric; the singular and the plural, the limited and the endless, the static and the dynamic . Via his exploratory journeys, he has succeeded in breaking up the unity of the center and created a central plurality, an aesthetic value some would claim modern artists have been struggling to achieve.

Dear viewers :
One may ask where are you heading to ?
Is there still any modernization after having discovered this new world ?
Is here still a remaining part of the road ?
The answer is that I am a true worshipper of Allah ... an artist who, aided by his lines and colours pray to Allah. And with such persistence, reverence, patience, exertion, anticipation and belief in the ONE GOD, I hope to go ahead from where I ended towards more experimentation in order to contribute to the modernization of culture, expressing the sentiments of a Moslem artist from the East.

Zeinab El-Seginy

Seginy's work, reveal subjects with humane characteristics. Always, she strives to introduce themes that pertain to childhood and motherhood. In some cases her work augurs warmth and gentle feelings and in others pain and fear.

The dialectic relationship between intrinsic values and extrinsic influences is expressed in her work, with an emphasis placed upon environmental, social, and aesthetic aspects. The folkloric heritage of the local environment is usually reflected with its generosity, innocence, and spontaneity. In her work, ancient Egyptian and Coptic icons are integrated in some paintings with Islamic detail, which is adapted to the structuralism of Egyptian culture.


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